•  Career planning
  •  Planning a restructuring  programme
  •  Communications -  individual, group and  external
  •  Outplacement support
  •  Support for remaining  employees
  •  Career guidance and  development
  •  Creative retirement
  •  Self-employment
  •  Organisational and  individual development
  •  Top team development


Outplacement and Career Transition
Managing corporate change is never easy, especially where redundancy is involved. However, with the right approach the outcome can be transformed into a positive experience. The essential requirements are good communication, timely planning, careful analysis, effective consultation with your people, sensitivity in approach, appropriate support, and reliable after care and back up.

At Proteus we recognise that no two clients are the same and offer complete flexibility through the wide range of options available. We will arm your people with the support, information and direction they will need to secure the future they want.

With over fifteen years' experience, we can meet every need. Whilst it is helpful if we are brought in at an early stage, we appreciate the speed with which these situations can develop. We are always ready to respond quickly and effectively to meet the challenge this may present. We offer a safe, reliable and professional pair of hands.




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